FL Swimwear

Creating Handmade Pieces since 2017

FL Swimwear started because we were frustrated not finding swimwear that actually fitted well, was made of quality material and ethically made. So we decided to take the matter into our own hands - and do it ourselves.

When buying made to order, nothing goes to waste. Every piece of fabric is taken care for, if we can't sew in it it's donated to preschools. Whilst your order is places, we start sewing, meaning no warehouse or deadstock waste.
When an order is placed in your desired color and designs, we carefully start to cut, sew, pin, sew and all of those steps many times before it's finished, packed and heading to you. Everything about your order is carefully handmade with you in mind.

"Thought I give some response! she just tried it on and WOW! She is so happy. The fit is absolutely perfect and this is now her favourite 😍 definitely buying more in the future! Thank you❤️"

"Got my bikini today, and once again it comes like a dream and fits like a glove! You know what you do and you do it damn well! 😍🤍"

Just wanted to say I’ve never got as many compliments as when I wear my suit from you. I’ve sent a whole bunch of friends to your side, eeeveryone is so impressed how good it fits. 

I just got my swimwear from you and I am in LOVE!!! The most perfect fit and the most beautiful design 😩👏🏽😍 I will for sure order more from you 🙏🏽 thank you so much for making these amazing bikinis!!

Received my bikinis yesterday and I truly love them! Everything from the cut to the colours are perfect, and I can’t wait to wear them 😍 Thank you so much! You should be so proud of your work, making women feel great 🥰

WOW! Your swimwear is a game changer!!!!❤️ Thank you so much for making the best bikini I’ve ever tried on! Brb while I go order more colours 🤩