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Hi angel! My name is Felicia and I come from a small town in Sweden, where it’s absolutely not okay to not follow the stream. Well, as my parents always said, she always takes the opposite direction from anyone else. With that said, I changed schools a lot when I was growing up, since I always spoke my mind and didn’t fit in. As a result from being an outsider I developed anorexia and mental illness. When I got better, I thought for myself- what is the scariest thing I can think of? The answer I got was-  

1. Going to the beach 

2. Other kids are having the same issues as I had, and not being able to help.  

So I started, as a form of making it up to myself for all the times I cried over not being comfortable in underwear or beachwear, and also in the back of mind showing the kids who bullied me for all those years that I could do it, I am not who you got me to think I was.  

My main focus will always lay in making you comfortable in your own skin, always. That is one thing that never will change in my company, if I can make one girls’ self-esteem better, I’m 100% happy.  

The beachwear I sew is seamless, stretchy, flattering for all body types and super comfy in handpicked high-quality fabrics.  

Everything from the first sketch to the last few stitches is only made by me, so when I say its handmade- it really is handmade. And remember, I’m here to help you love yourself as much as I love you.  

Thank you for purchasing my designs and support me in my mission to get everyone comfortable in their own body. Xx Felicia