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This magically luxe, soft swimsuit stretches to perfectly fit five or more sizes in one  adapting to your unique curves and your body’s natural state of life. We all go though ups and downs and shift in shape, this suit will to. It will follow you though every curve and state of mind for years to come! 

The suit has a classic shape and a cheeky coverage of your bum, with a low cut back to get a beautiful shape and two tortoise rings on each side. The GROWTH suit will stretch in all directions to equally compliment big-busts, no-butts, petite pears, the tallest triangles, and all the beautiful in-betweens with no exemptions. The suit holds strong durable elastics though out to ensure the fit- you can choose between XS-M if you usually wear these sizes or M-XL if you usually wear closer to these sizes. One suit will fit through all sizes so it’s only small adjustments from the smaller size to the larger sizes to really ensure the fit and the elastics to last longer. Care for your suit and it will last you years- after every use hand wash in cold soapy water and lay out flat to dry (don’t pull it so the elastic can go back to it’s original shape)


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