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The ASTRID suit, this suit came to life the same week as my beloved little niece Astrid entered the world, so here she is! 

This suit is designed to be worn in countless combinations, with two different fabrics of your choice this suit is all you need. It's a three piece suit with two different fabrics on each side-Image if you get two suits in different fabrics, the options is never ending how you can combine those! You can of course choose one plain color as well.

How to order this suit in the shades you want- 

1. Pick your first color/print in the drop list.

2. Pick your secondary color/print in the drop list.

This suit holds sooo much support for bigger chests and is as always seamless for softest touch against your skin. The piece should fit tight at first wear, don’t worry. It will form after your curves and loosen up a bit for your perfect fit!

How to wear your suit- 

1. Put on body piece first 

2. Put on chest piece 

3. Mix it up however you want with or without the belt!

See available colors HERE

Please keep in mind all bikinis are handmade from the very first cut to the last few stitches by Felicia so please allow up to 10 business days for your order to be cut and sewn.


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